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Album Release Concert Mauilotus: the Marilyn Allysum Group

Lake Harriet United Methodist Church, 4901 CHOWEN AVE SO, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55410

Concert Mauilotus: the Marilyn Allysum Group has just released a New Album. "Jewel of Happiness" The beautiful new instrumental and vocal music of Marilyn Allysum are timeless compositions of eclectic and alluring soundscapes. Several songs are sung by Allysum in Hindi and Punjabi, based on Kirtans / Bhajans, the ancient yoga of sacred music with chanting or singing. “It’s the tone of that music which tunes a soul and raises it above the depression and despair of everyday life in this world” Sufi Hazrat Khan.

Mauilotus: the Marilyn Allysum Group

Makawao Union Church , 1445 Baldwin Ave, Makawao, HI 96768

Composer, recording artist and Multi-instrumentalist Marilyn Allysum and Bass Player Charles Fletcher will be giving a rare performance. The duet plays with an advanced rhythmic and harmonic platform; that blends improvising with real and powerful dynamics. Their eclectic music weaves the sounds of many cultures transcending jazz, world-music, into a Global statement. Tickets available online: or $20 cash at the door

Mauilotus: the Marilyn Allysum Group

Mauilotus: the Marilyn Allysum Group

Mauilotus is a group of musicians whose sound is unique in modern music, influenced by the musical traditions of the east and west alike. They  play with an advanced rhythmic and harmonic platform; that blends improvising with real and powerful dynamics. Their eclectic music weaves the sounds of many cultures transcending jazz, world-music, into a Global statement. Members of the group include; Marilyn Allysum – Flute – Piano – Gu Zheng – Vocals, Charles Fletcher – Bass Guitars, Mike Hurley – Drums and Percussion, David Wolfe – Santoor, (Persian Harp). Award Winning Original Music!

Marilyn Allysum Flute
Marilyn Allysum - Composer and Musician, Piano, Flutes, Gu Zheng (Chinese Harp), Vocals
A child protégé on classical accordion and the group's primary composer, Marilyn began her musical career at 7 and picked up the flute at 9 years of age. She won the New York State, National, and International Accordion competitions for her playing of Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsky, and New avant-garde pieces before switching to the piano at age 16. Her classical training continued in New York under Michael Tilson Thomas and John Pierre Rampal with a subsequent scholarship to the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music. She got her start in jazz while in high school, at Eastman School of music attending recordings by Chuck Mangione, travelled with the Paul Winter Consort, featuring Ralph Towner - who became the most influential mentor in her musical compositions.  After a stint in Atlanta where she played in the jazz ensemble Reynardyne and in jazz clubs with Paul McCandless and others, she began a world travel program that would lead to the eventual forming of Quintessence, now known as, MauiLotus: the Marilyn Allysum group. Allysum's name is synonymous with innovation, being influenced greatly by the cultural roots of world musical traditions, studying Bansuri flute with G.S. Sachdev. She travelled thru India on five separate occasions, absorbing musical influences including extensive training in the singing of bhajans/kirtans. She lives half the year in Maui HI and Minneapolis the remainder.

Charles Fletcher Bass Guitar Mauilotus: the Marilyn Allysum Group
Charles Fletcher - Bass Guitars – Special Effects

The lyric bass of Charles Fletcher continually shapes new vistas for Mauilotus; he plays with an inspired sense of improvisation, inventive melodic lines, harmonic depth and all the while providing rock solid rhythm. The versatile Fletcher studied at the Jamie Aebersold Summer Jazz Clinics, Berklee College of Music, Metropolitan State University and St. Thomas University. He has played blues with The Jimmy Valentine Quintet and The Lamont Cranston Band, R & B with the T. C. Jammers and Mick Sterling And the Stud Brothers, variety with the R Factor, CBO, and The Sevilles, jazz/fusion with Northcoast He plays regularly with legends Eric Gales and Willie Murphy.  Now a resident of Merida, Mexico, his commitment to the music of MauiLotus continues to inspire listeners.

Mike Hurley Drummer - Mauilotus: the Marilyn Allysum Group
 Mike Hurley Drums – Percussion – Special Effects
Mike Hurley’s drum set and percussion effects include strings of gourds, tiny shells, bells, and even kelp gourds. his collection produces evocative effects such as rainwater and winds of the desert. Hurley’s exciting drum solos are rich with changes of timbre and time signatures. Hurley has received critical acclaim for creating a sound that is clear and spacious; full of poise and spontaneity. Adventurous, fresh and a skilled improviser, he has performed and recorded with a host of musicians including: Prudence Johnson, Samoa, North Coast, African music with Mazonk Afrique & Les Anglos, and Middle Eastern music.

1-David Maui-001
David Wolfe Santoor (Persian Harp) - Tibetan Singing Bowls
Wolfe has created a musical niche all his own, combining Indian Classical tradition and Jazz elements. His rare ability to express his conception of the Santoor's role in an ensemble creates improvisational forays that intertwine, weaving a hypnotic ambience. He travelled thru India on four separate occasions absorbing musical influences and learning the art of singing bhajans/kirtans. He studied in Boulder Colorado under Colin Walcott and recorded Cloud Patterns with Kurt Schlaefer.  Walcott and Pundit Shiv Kumar Sharma, are two of the primary influences in the development of his style.


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